How to Qualify for the Best Financing Rates When You Buy a New Home

Wednesday, December 4, 2019
How to Qualify for the Best Financing Rates When You Buy a New Home

How to Qualify for the Best Financing
Rates When You Buy a New Home

Scottsdale - When you're looking to buy a home, the first thing most homebuyers do is start the process of house
However, experience proves that this is one of the last steps you should be taking if you want to get the most home
financing interest rates. In fact, shopping for the current home financing rates should start long before you start
shopping for a home.
We will give you 3 important steps you should take to obtain the best home financing rates. You will find out where
you can enquire, what questions you should ask, and how to manage the process to your personal advantage.
So to start off, here is the first of the 3 steps of getting the new home financing rates that you should need to know
about right now.

1. House hunting Service
Most agents offer a house-hunting service to make it easier for you to find the home you want. Through these
programs you can find out in advance which homes on the market match your homebuying criteria. To do this you
simply provide your agent with a brief description of the type of home you’re looking for, for example, number of
bedrooms, price range, neighborhood and so on. Then you should receive advance notice (including pictures) of all the
homes for sale that match your requirements. This will give you the competitive edge to find out before other buyers
which homes that are likely to be of interest to you. Because you are there before most other buyers, perhaps you can
even negotiate a better price. You can then drive by these homes, without the assistance of an agent, to see which
ones you want to view. Then it’s simply a matter of you advising your agent about which homes you like and want to

There you have it. This is just the first out of the 3 to draw attention to this very important topic. If you wanted to view
all of the 3 steps on getting the best home financing rates, I have put together a free report entitled “Best Financing: A
3-Point Plan.” which explains the critical steps you must take to obtain the absolute home interest financing rates in
more detail.
You can grab a copy of this report for free by visiting or you can give me a call
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Thanks a lot for reading this week’s blog and may you find a way to your new home!
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