Multiple Offer Program Helped Cosme

Todd Gulinson
Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Multiple Offer Program Helped Cosme

We’re proud to share with you one of our recent success stories!  Cosme wanted The Todd  Gulinson Team to help him sell his home and purchase a smaller one close to his son Gregory.     First, we helped Cosme by selling his home using our Multiple Offer Program.  This allowed Cosme to get many offers and  choose the best offer for him.  Then, we found Cosme’s dream home only four houses away from his son Gregory!  We were able to time the sale of his current residence perfectly with the purchase of his new home.   When doing so, we beat out competing offers, even a couple that were priced higher than what we offered.   We were able to become part of Cosme’s and Gregory’s success story by providing them our 5-star service!

We’ve also donated a portion of our commission to Phoenix Children's Hospital as part of our Go Serve Big mission.   Not only did Cosme sell his home in the best possible way and purchase a dream home just four doors down from Gregory, but the two of them helped the Children at Children’s Hospital because whenever the Todd Gulinson Team sells a home, we donate a portion of our commission to help the kids at Children's Hospital.  Whenever we are referred buyers and sellers, we do the same thing.

If you know someone who needs our help in buying or selling their homes in the next 3-6 months, let us know. We guarantee that they will get our 5-star service and exclusive benefits, and one-of-a-kind home selling programs designed to fit each family’s needs and we will donate part of our commission to help the children.

Want to sell your home but worried that if you do, you might not be able to find the right home to replace it? And by doing so end up with no home at all! We have a solution! Through our Guaranteed Sales Program, our Home Swap Program, our Multiple Offer Program and our Off-Market Home Buying System, we can help you purchase a home, oftentimes a home others don't even know are for sale, AND without you having to sell first, Guaranteed. * Then, once you have moved into your dream home, we can help you sell your current home. Don't get stuck without a home. Utilize one or more of our unique and exclusive programs to buy first and then sell. We can help!

To discuss the details of these incredible options, send me a direct message now, or call 480-662-2469